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The profile of Gala Flagello in a checkered dress with closed eyes turning away from the camera.

Chloe Summers

Year Composed





Soprano voice and alto saxophone

Program Notes

Chloe Summers (2019) is a fictionalized account of the composer’s experience winning a new music competition, having written the submitted piece in a very short period of time and thinking the pseudonym she chose for the competition application to be silly. The name had a ring to it, though, so the joke became that the composer won the competition because of the pseudonym rather than in spite of it. The text of Chloe Summers is from the perspective of the competition adjudication panel as they write to the composer, with perhaps too much honesty, to inform her that she (and/or “Chloe Summers”) has won.

Additional Information

Written for Hayley Boggs and Jeff Siegfried



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