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Forthcoming albums

Shapes in Collective Space (Fall 2024)

Tallā Rouge - Aria Cheregosha & Lauren Spaulding

Featured work: Burn as Brightly (2024) arranged for two violas

Shapes in Collective Space.jpg

&Violin (2024)

Matt Albert, violin; Kirsten Docter, viola

Featured work: E Pluribus Unum (2023) for violin and viola


Shades (2024)

Jeff Siegfried, soprano saxophone; Sean Friar, piano

Featured work: Candlewood (2021) for soprano saxophone and piano

Cover art for Shades, featuring a portrait of saxophonist Jeff Siegfried.

Room to Breathe (2023)

Joseph Swift, bassoon; Calvin Hu, piano

Featured work: Mother Time, Father Nature (2021) for bassoon and piano

Room to Breath cover art, containing the words "Room to Breathe" in white cursive writing over a watercolor background

Red Leaf Collection (2019)

Vanguard Reed Quintet

Featured work: Self-Talk (2018) for reed quintet

The Red Leaf Collection album cover art, containing a multitude of leaves.
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