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Educational Offerings

Gala is a passionate educator in the classroom, privately, and as a guest lecturer. She is dedicated to helping students explore composition, orchestration, arts administration, entrepreneurship, and leadership through workshops, lectures, masterclasses, Q&As, lessons, and coachings.

Sample workshops are listed below, with all workshops available as in-person or virtual presentations. Gala may be engaged for single sessions or complete residencies that combine multiple different types of sessions.

To discuss workshops and residency options, please reach out!

Performance Engagements

Piece Introduction, Pre-Concert Talk and/or Post-Concert Discussion - Options to have Gala talk about the piece being performed by an ensemble, either in a Q&A style or a short introduction

Ensemble Coaching - Gala is available to coach large ensemble, chamber, choral, and voice rehearsals and reading sessions of her music


Lectures and Workshops

Gala Flagello: Composer, Educator, Nonprofit Director - An overview and Q&A of Gala’s career, collaborations, festival work, and more


Composer Q&A - For students of any major to ask Gala questions relating to her artistic approach, career, or specific pieces


Connecticut Summerfest: Crafting a Music Festival of Our Time - The founding, growth, and lessons learned from Connecticut Summerfest’s inaugural season to current day. Great for budding arts administrators!


Collaboration 101: Performer/Educator Edition - Gala’s thoughts on collaborative projects, successful practices surrounding working with living composers, and building a collaborative atmosphere in the classroom or rehearsal room


Commissioning and Collaboration - A discussion for composers and performers that demystifies the commissioning process by centering the building of fruitful, long-term collaborations.

Your Consortium Toolkit - A how-to for composers and performers on creating a consortium, covering planning, budgeting, and execution


Sessions for Composition Students

A Day in the Life: The 21st Century Composer - A look at Gala’s “life pie chart” as a full-time freelance composer, how she spends her day, and crucial skills to building a career as a composer


Composerly Advice, or Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Sooner - Practical tips helpful for budding composers


Collaboration 101: Composer Edition - Gala’s thoughts on communicating effectively and efficiently with commissioners, do’s and don’ts of the rehearsal process, and essential skills for meaningful collaboration

How Your Music Meets the World: Your Compositional Voice, Audience, and Impact - An open discussion with Gala, diving into the hurdles students feel they are facing as they navigate their compositional path and anticipate the transition from student to professional


Private Lessons and Masterclasses

Composition Masterclasses - Masterclasses specifically for composition students

Private Lessons - Gala is available for individual or small group private composition lessons during residencies

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