Hear Gala's music in concert:
  • "Fake Smile" for Flute at Connecticut Summerfest's Virtual Fundraiser Gala
    Connecticut Summerfest Fundraiser Gala
  • Premiere of "Fake Smile" for solo flute
  • POSTPONED - Premiere of "Visible Nature" and Composer Residency
    Keene State College
  • Premiere of "Where You Are Now"
    University of Michigan Bassoon Studio
  • POSTPONED - Premiere of "Blaze" for Chamber Orchestra
    The Hartt School
  • Robin Meiksins Performs "Seasons"
  • "Burning Day" at NASA
    Arizona State University, Tempe Campus
  • "Fragile Goods" at Banff
    Banff Centre Theatres
  • "Fragile Goods" at Composition Seminar
    Earl V. Moore Building
  • Premiere of "Dabble"
    Earl V. Moore Building
  • "Precious Metals" and "Fragile Goods" at Siena Heights University
    Siena Heights University
  • "Burning Day" at the Navy Band Symposium
  • Premiere of "Burning Day"
    Berkman Recital Hall
  • Premiere of "Fragile Goods" at Midwest Composers Symposium
    Jacobs School of Music - Music Addition
  • Premiere of "Breathing Underwater"
    Earl V. Moore Building
  • "Self-Talk" at Third Place Concert Series
    Argus Farm Stop
  • Premieres at National Sawdust: "Chloe Summers," "Prophecy," and "Enough"
    National Sawdust
  • "Prophecy" at New Music for Horn
    Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Premiere of "Speak" by Conner Darling
    Earl V. Moore Building
  • "Self-Talk" at Briggs Chamber Music Competition
    Earl V. Moore Building
  • Premiere of "Blaze" for Orchestra
    Hill Auditorium
  • Premiere of "Precious Metals" at Natural Beauty
    James and Anne Duderstadt Center

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