Hear Gala's music in concert:
"Fake Smile" for Flute at Connecticut Summerfest's Virtual Fundraiser Gala
Connecticut Summerfest Fundraiser Gala
Premiere of "Fake Smile" for solo flute
POSTPONED - Premiere of "Visible Nature" and Composer Residency
Keene State College
Premiere of "Where You Are Now"
University of Michigan Bassoon Studio
POSTPONED - Premiere of "Blaze" for Chamber Orchestra
The Hartt School
Robin Meiksins Performs "Seasons"
"Burning Day" at NASA
Arizona State University, Tempe Campus
"Fragile Goods" at Banff
Banff Centre Theatres
"Fragile Goods" at Composition Seminar
Earl V. Moore Building
Premiere of "Dabble"
Earl V. Moore Building
"Precious Metals" and "Fragile Goods" at Siena Heights University
Siena Heights University
"Burning Day" at the Navy Band Symposium
Premiere of "Burning Day"
Berkman Recital Hall
Premiere of "Fragile Goods" at Midwest Composers Symposium
Jacobs School of Music - Music Addition
Premiere of "Breathing Underwater"
Earl V. Moore Building
"Self-Talk" at Third Place Concert Series
Argus Farm Stop
Premieres at National Sawdust: "Chloe Summers," "Prophecy," and "Enough"
National Sawdust
"Prophecy" at New Music for Horn
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Premiere of "Speak" by Conner Darling
Earl V. Moore Building
"Self-Talk" at Briggs Chamber Music Competition
Earl V. Moore Building
Premiere of "Blaze" for Orchestra
Hill Auditorium
Premiere of "Precious Metals" at Natural Beauty
James and Anne Duderstadt Center

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