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The profile of Gala Flagello in a checkered dress with her eyes closed turning away from the camera.
Image by Mo

E Pluribus Unum

Year Composed





Violin and viola



Program Notes

E Pluribus Unum (2023) was written for Matt Albert and is inspired by a motto of the United States, meaning "out of many, one." Although the national motto was legally changed to "In God We Trust" in 1 956, I admire the earlier one's emphasis on togetherness, shared identity, and solidarity, despite our differences. What if we were to officially readopt this saying and live by its directive of camaraderie, cooperation, and understanding? Musically, E Pluribus Unum explores this question through harmony and unison, shared and opposing dynamics, and range extremes. The piece also incorporates the traditional melody for dona nobis pacem ("grant us peace")—hope for the future of this country's people and the world's. Many thanks to Matt for his kindness and support, and for being a tireless champion of new music.

Additional Information

Commissioned by Matt Albert

Available through Just a Theory Press.


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