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The profile of Gala Flagello in a checkered dress with her eyes closed turning away from the camera.
Image by Mo


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Two sopranos, chamber orchestra:



Program Notes

After writing the text for Persist (2020), I realized that it read like a combination of a bedtime story and a call to action. This reflects the way in which the poem and the opening of the piece came to me. I was awake at 3 A.M., my mind racing, trying to sort through the many problems of the world during this time, punctuating each with “everything will be okay.” Listing both our fears and hopes can be cathartic, and to achieve these hopes—safety, health, equality, kindness, progress, and empathy—we must persist. We must support those who need a moment to rest and take care when the burden of change-making feels too great. My hope is that this piece gives strength and light to those who need it. Endless thanks to David Alan Miller and Dogs of Desire for commissioning and premiering Persist.

Additional Information

Commissioned by The Albany Symphony

Perusal pages available

Score and parts are available to rent by requesting a quote through Just a Theory Press.


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